Locri & Gerace
Departure for the excursion to Locri Epizephyrii, Magna Graecia colony dating back to the VIIIth century B.C., we visit the Archaeological Excavations and the Museum. Continuing our trip towards Gerace called "the medieval little town" we visit the precious Chiesa di San Francesco (The Church of St. Francis) dating back to the XIIIth century in which there is a sumptuous richly inlaid Baroque altar. We visit the Cathedral which is the largest one in Calabria and the most impressive testimony of the Norman conquest in the region, consecrated in 1045. We stop at the so called "Bombards", a spectacular balcony on the Ionian Sea.

Reggio Calabria & Scilla
Departure for Reggio Calabria. We visit the National Museum where the famous Bronze statues of Riace are exhibited and we take a walk on the fascinating seafront called by D'Annunzio "the most beautiful kilometer of Italy". In the afternoon we visit Scilla called "the little Venice of the Tyrrhenian Sea" which rises up sheltered by the slopes of a rocky promontory. The small port that hosts only a few of the so-called "spatare" little fishing boats for swordfish, which is beneath the castle from the Early Middle Ages belonging to the Ruffo famliy in Calabria. Scilla is also very famous for its old district of the fishermen called "Chianalea" with its houses built directly on the rocks and are separated one from the other by small alleys like channels which descend directly into the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is fascinating also for its Mediterranean colours.

Taormina & Gole dell'Alcantara 
Departure for Sicily. Arrival in Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean, for the visit of the historical centre with its famous Roman Greek Amphitheatre. We continue our trip to the Gole dell'Alcantara(Alcantara gorge), natural ravines of volcanic origin in which the Alcantara river flows.

Tropea & Pizzo
Departure for Tropea, one of the most fascinating places in Calabria, famous for its artistic and natural beauty, like the sea, the sun and fine sand. We visit the Cathedral built by the Normans and the historical centre. You can taste the "red onion" and local products. We continue our trip to Pizzo Calabro where you can taste Tartufo the famous homemade ice-cream. We visit the Castle of Murat built by the Aragonese and the suggestive cave church of Piedigrotta; a little cave that offers its visitor an exceptional scenario: from the continuous and naked rock full of shells you go on to a series of well-structured and complex depths with groups of statues carved in the tuff stone, you can see frescos and chiaroscuro pictures reproducing some scenes inspired by the Holy Scriptures, all made by two artists from Pizzo between the 19th and 20th century making the church as unique and gorgeous as we see it today.

Stilo & Bivongi
Excursion to Stilo "Byzantine citadel" protected by Monte Consolino and dominant in the Stilaro valley. The medieval village was together with Rossano. It is the most important Byzantine centre in Calabria. We visit the famous Cattolica built in the 9th century which is one of the most important examples of Byzantine architecture, and the monument of Tommaso Campanella the famous Calabrian philosopher. We go on to Bivongi to visit the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis. The edifice is an example of transition between the Byzantine and Norman styles. On the way we have a break at the Farmhouse to visit a bergamotto plantation where you can taste the precious liqueur and typical products.